Alain Darte

CNRS research scientist.
Laboratoire de l'Informatique du Parallélisme.

Team Compsys: Compilation and embedded systems.

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  • Erratum to the book (in french) Algorithmique et optimisation, exercices corrigés, exercices you should try to do if you want to enter an école normale supérieure as a computer scientist.

    Research topics

    My research activities concern optimization problems linked to the analysis, the parallelization, and the automatic transformations of codes, more precisely of code fragments with a repetitive structure, e.g., codes containing loops. To give a brief overview of my past research interests, here is a list of the main topics I considered:
  • Automatic parallelization and high-level code transformations, among others detection of parallel loops and compilation of (and towards) High Performance Fortran;
  • Assembly-level code optimization (software pipelining, register allocation, SSA form);
  • Automatic design of systolic arrays and hardware accelerators.

    In the study of these three topics, which have some overlap because of the models, the mathematical tools, or the optimizations they need, I worked more specifically on:
  • systems of uniform recurrence equations ;
  • scheduling algorithms, mainly for cyclic graphs;
  • algorithms for detection of parallel loops, permutable loops, and tiling;
  • loop fusion and statement shifting (or retiming);
  • optimizations linked to the allocation of multi-dimensional arrays and memory reuse;
  • partitioning techniques;
  • the different phases in register allocation, spilling, coalescing, coloring;
  • the SSA form (static single assignment), construction, destruction, properties.

    Through these research efforts, my goal is to study optimization techniques that can be automated so as a) to improve the theoretical foundations of the existing domain of program compilation and optimization, b) to develop compilation techniques and to push them in the field of automatic generation of hardware accelerators, which is not mature enough for automation yet, but which is a good candidate for it.

    Ph.D. and HDR thesis (in french)

    "Techniques de parallélisation automatique de nids de boucles". PhD93-07

    "De l'organisation des calculs dans les codes répétitifs". HDR1999-03

    Working address

    Laboratoire de l'Informatique du Parallélisme
    École normale supérieure de Lyon
    46, Allée d'Italie
    69007 Lyon, France

    fax: (+33) (0)4 72 72 80 80
    phone: (+33) (0)4 72 72 89 01


    Personal address

    42, rue Saint Jean
    69005 Lyon, France

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