Elise Dumont

Contact information : vCard

Laboratoire de Chimie, UMR 5182
Axe Chimie Théorique, Bat. M6
Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon
46, Allée d'Italie
69364 Lyon Cedex 07, France

Phone: +33 (0)4 72 72 80 10
Fax: +33 (0)4 72 72 80 80

Link my Orcid, and GS profiles.


  • Feb. 2022 Very excited to host the 20th European Society of Photobiology (ESP) meeting in Lyon in late August 2023 !
  • Jan. 2022 Happy about this invited review about singlet oxygen reactivity !
  • Jan. 2022 The 2022 edition of the RCTF winterschool will take place from 17 to 29 January, in a co-modal mode. More information here.
  • Oct. 2021 A bit of catalysis with POM and a touch of NMR in CEJ (link) !
  • Oct. 2021 Welcome back Maxime to begin your PhD thesis in the group !
  • Feb. 2021 A nice farewell to Ranjitha R. and Alessio, leaving for new adventures back to India and Strasbourg.
  • Jan. 2021 Some nice lectures during the RCTF winter school, including some QM/MM stuff :)
  • Jan. 2021 Maxime Kermarrec (M2 Itodys) has joined the group for a M2 research project on QM/MM modeling of histone-DNA inteactions, in the framework on Natacha's NucleoMap ANR project.
  • Nov. 2020 Ranjitha R from IISER Tirupati, India has arrived in the group for a winter internship on G.+ outcome in G4. We are really happy to meet you !
  • Oct. 2020 We are very happy to welcome Laleh Allahkaram as a PhD student in our group. She will be working on N-DNA lesions.
  • Sept. 2020 Natacha has been awarded an ANR Jeune Chercheur grant, Soon more exciting nucleosome chemistry !
  • June 2020 Raphael Finizola will be undertaking his summer research project on ubiquitin-lanthanide complexes MD simulations, partly remotely from Nice.
  • April 2020 A few papers by the group even during the Covid lockdown. JCTC
  • Oct. 2019 A very warm welcome to Dr. Natacha Gillet that joins the LC lab as a CNRS researcher !
  • May 2019 Elise has been nominated as a Junior Member at the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF) !
  • May 2019 Upcoming 3rd workshop on DNA damage and repair in Valencia next September (24-25/09/2019) !
  • March 2019 Congrats to Emmanuelle Bignon (now Pdoc @CancerDK) for winning the GGM PhD award !
  • Upcoming invited lectures at Demon developer workshop and the World Congress of Life and Light 2019
  • Feb. 2019 Welcome to Florence Szczepaniak that begins a M2 project in the group :)
  • Jan 2019 The series of lectures of the RCTF Label ended up in January ! Thanks to the students and teachers for an exciting program.
  • Jan 2019 Welcome to Dr. Alessio Bartocci for a two-years post-doc position in the group, working on protein/crystallophores interactions.

Teaching activities

I am mostly teaching at various levels at ENS de Lyon for L3, M1 ans M2 students, mostly computational (bio)chemisty. Most of the resources can be uploaded on the ENSL intranet for pedagogical resources: link

  1. A first training on IR and UV/Vis (CH3Cl, azobenzene) link -- level undergraduate, L3, in French ! (a former version)
  2. A training on an easy case of reactivity and constrained optimizations lien (cyclobutane)
  3. Supramolecular chemistry (part 1), M1
  4. Supramolecular chemistry (part 2), M1
  5. A pratical (M1 level) about luminol : link
  6. A pratical about DFT benchmarking: the case of two-center three-electrons bonding
  7. A case study with QMMM (demon2k): radical cation of guanine
  8. A few projects are lised for marking purposes... ici

Research interests

A gallery of pictures of some of the systems I have been (or am !) working on. A description can be found here.


The planning for the axis group talks.

The website of the French network of Theoretical Chemistry link

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