I am part of the chimistry and biochemistry department of the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

My teachings take place in the modules "constitution de la matière" (L1), "cinétique chimique, réactivité, mécanismes" (L2), "chimie-physqiue" (L3) of the PCSI portal of UCBL.

I also teach for the module "science de la matière" (L1) of the math-info portal of UCBL.

I give practical works in modelling for M1 of chemistry of UCBL.

I gave a lesson on dye-sensitized solar cells for indoor applications. This lesson was part of the conferences organized by the "Université Ouverte" of UCBL. The lesson is dowloadable here.

For the "label de chimie théorique", I realized a lesson dedicated to the quantum chemical calculations of periodic systems. This lesson is downloadable here.