Edwige Cyffers

Phd Student in Privacy Preserving Machine Learning

Co-organizing NeurIPS@Paris

French local version of NeurIPS

I am part of the junior organizers of NeurIPS@Paris 2023. Its primary focus is to provide a human scale environment and a low CO2 emission version of NeurIPS. Authors of accepted papers at NeurIPS 2023 are given the opportunity to present their work through a short oral presentation and a poster session. I am especially organizing mentoring sessions for PhD students with senior researchers from all parts of the community.

We had to limit the participation to 250 persons as we reached max capacity, we are working on reproducing the same event in the next years while, if possible, not refusing so many participants. . I thank all the participants for their enthusiasm and interesting papers. Special thanks to Sibylle Marcotte for presenting her paper and letting me using the picture.

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