Edwige Cyffers

Phd Student in Privacy Preserving Machine Learning

I continue this year to get involved in the Rendez-vous des jeunes mathématiciennes et informaticiennes. We now include more computer-science-oriented tutorials, and ot only mathematic ones. I was looking for a topic easy to understand and to explain to parents and relatives. Maze generation was looking fun and reasonable for 3-hour work.
We generate mazes with two different algorithms. For small mazes, the construction can be seen step by step with animation. We finish with mazes following the form of a picture.
You can find the notebook that we use during the tutorial (in French).
Once again, I was surprised by the quality of the questions and solutions found by the girls. Let’s share also share a fun fact. I got one expected question that I wasn’t prepared to. How can we draw the figure in pink? Well, usually, I’d prefer to use other colors, but we can look at the possibilities. Is purple enough? (You can see the result)

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