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Thaïs Baudon -- thais [dot] baudon [at] ens-lyon [dot] fr

I am a Ph.D. student at LIP (Lyon, France), in the CASH team, supervised by Gabriel Radanne and Laure Gonnord.

I am working on Algebraic Data Types for High-Performance Computing: highly optimised, flexible memory representations of ADTs that are still suitable for associated language constructs such as pattern matching.

Here is my résumé (in French).


AFADL 2022
(in French)
Knit&Frog: Pattern matching compilation for custom memory representations
Thaïs Baudon, Gabriel Radanne, Laure Gonnord
WST 2021 Parallel Complexity of Term Rewriting Systems
Thaïs Baudon, Carsten Fuhs, Laure Gonnord


(TD/TP d'UEs de la licence Informatique de l'Université Lyon 1; premier semestre 2021-2022)

Past internships

February-June 2021 (M2) Internship report
Supervisors: Laure Gonnord, CASH Inria team; Carsten Fuhs, Birkbeck, University of London
June-August 2019 (M1) Internship report
Supervisor: Tiark Rompf, PurPL research group, Purdue University
May-August 2018 (L3) Internship report
Supervisor: Philippe Clauss, CAMUS Inria team