PhD thesis

Fluid-Structure Interactions on Multistable Pendular Systems
Pdf available here.
PhD defense planned on June 29th 2022.

Research communications

# References
[4] A. Gayout, N. Leoni and D. Sipp. In preparation.
Global mode analysis of a distributed forcing over a circular cylinder.
[3] A. Gayout. Under revision before resubmission.
Parental care by White storks: orientation and nest occupation during nestling period.
Link to preprint
[2] A. Gayout, A. Gylfason, N. Plihon and M. Bourgoin. Submitted to Journal of Fluids and Structures (2022).
Fluidelastic modelling of a weathercock stabilization in a uniform flow.
Link to preprint
[1] A. Gayout, M. Bourgoin and N. Plihon. Physical Review Letters (2021).
Rare-event triggered transitions in aerodynamics bifurcation
Link to preprint Link to journal
[0] A. Gayout, 2015. Not published.
Aerodynamics of feathers.
Link to pdf

Scientific outreach

# References
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Une introduction à la viscosité : des fluides simples aux fluides complexes.
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De la physique plein les mains.