Research interests in brief

My PhD thesis focused on the construction of extended supersymmetric two-dimensional field theories in the superspace. I changed my thematic area of research during my postdoctoral stay in L. O'Raifeartaigh's group at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. I was still interested in super-symmetric theories, but this time in four dimensions. With R. Flume, L. O'Raifeartaigh, I. Sachs and O. Schnetz, we have shown the uniqueness of the effective Lagrangian of Seiberg-Witten for N=2 Yang-Mills theory without making any duality hypotheses and without using string theory. This approach has been completed later by I. Sachs and myself, with even less hypotheses.
I started in 2008 a completely new research project during an extended sabbatical leave at the Max-Planck Institute, Albert Einstein Institute, in Potsdam. My research focused on integrability for the AdS / CFT correspondence. The originality of my approach was to study the integrability of the AdS5 X S5 super-string theory at the hamiltonian level. I have since specialised on the classical hamiltonian integrability of non-linear sigma-models.
My recent research activities take place within the ANR program DefIS, Deforming Integrable Sigma-models.

List of publications

My up to date list of publications is available at any time on my profile page on inSPIRE.