Teaching activities in brief

The range of all my teaching activities has been very broad. I remember for instance one day where I have first discussed Penrose diagrams in the morning during a tutorial of General Relativity with Master (M2) students, and the depletion zone of p-n junctions in the afternoon during laboratories with Bachelor (L3) students.

Lectures taught

  • Green functions and applications

  • Quantum mechanics

  • Analytical mechanics

  • Special relativity

  • Thermodynamics

Tutorials taught

  • Special relativity

  • Superconductivity and superfluidity

  • Statistical physics

  • Phase transitions

  • General relativity

  • Green functions

  • Optics

  • Quantum mechanics

  • Path integrals

  • Analytical mechanics


  • Laboratories

  • ENS's Entrance examination

  • Bibliographical projects

  • Short introduction to Mathematica