on Computational Logic and Applications

ENS de Lyon, amphithéatre B, 3rd floor

Thursday June 17

9h00: Welcome address

9h30: Marek Zaionc

    Lambda definability is decidable for regular forth order types

10h15: Pawel Idziak

    Solving equations over finite algebras

11h: Break

11h15: Bartlomiej Bosek

    Multicolouring of posets online

12h00: Przemysaw Broniek

    Real time scheduling on bounded number of processors

12h45: Lunch

14h15: Grzegorz Matecki

    Asymptotic density for equivalence

15h: Jakub Kozik

    Densities of regular languages.

15h45: Break

16h15: Pawel Waszkiewicz

    A domain-theoretic metrization theorem

17h: Tom Hirschowitz

    Rigid mixin modules

Friday June 18

9h30: Karim Nour and Kalifa Saber

    Adequation lemma for full propositional classical logic

10h15: Dan Dougherty and Silvia Ghilezan and Pierre Lescanne

    Intersection and union types in the lambda-mu-mu~-calculus

11h00: Break

11h15: Karim Nour and Rene David

    Strong normalization for mu~-mu-reduction

12h00: Stephane Le Roux and Pierre Lescanne

    Solving equations in a language with control operators

12h45: Lunch

14h15: Frédéric Ruyer

    Typing vs. Subtyping

 15h: Romain Kervarc and Pierre Lescanne

    Pure Type Systems, Cut, and Explicit Substitution

15h45: Break

16h15: Patrick Thévenon

    Proofs using PhoX and new_command

17h00: Jean.Duprat

    About constructive vectors.