Romain Volk ENS

Laboratoire de Physique de l'École normale supérieure de Lyon


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Articles published in peer-reviewed international journals

[61] Suspension of large inertial particles in a turbulent swirling flow.
B. Laplace, J. Vessaire, D. Oks, O. Tolfts, M. Bourgoin, R. Volk, to appear in Phys. Rev. Fluids

[60] Phoresis in cellular flows, from enhanced dispersion to blockage.
R Volk, M Bourgoin, Ch-E Brehier, F Raynal, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 948 4 (2022)

[59] Entrainment diffusion and effective compressibility in a self-similar turbulent jet.
T. Basset, B. Viggiano, Th. Barois, M. Gibert, N. Mordant, R. Cal, R. Volk, and M. Bourgoin, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 947 (2022)

[58] C Gouiller, C Ybert, C Cottin-Bizonne, F Raynal, M Bourgoin, R Volk
Two-dimensional numerical model of Marangoni surfers: from single swimmer to crystallization, Physical Review E 104 (6), 064608 (2021).

[57] S Angriman, PJ Cobelli, M Bourgoin, SG Huisman, R Volk, PD Mininni
Broken mirror symmetry of tracer’s trajectories in turbulence, Physical review letters 127 (25), 254502 (2021).

[56] Lagrangian diffusion properties of a free shear turbulent jet
B Viggiano, T Basset, S Solovitz, T Barois, M Gibert, N Mordant, L Chevillard, R Volk, M Bourgoin, R B Cal Journal of Fluid Mechanics 918 4 (2021)

[55] Transport of large particles through the transition to turbulence of a swirling flow
N Machicoane, R Volk Physical Review Fluids 6 (4), 044303 (2021)

[54] Mixing and unmixing induced by active camphor particles
C Gouiller, F Raynal, L Maquet, M Bourgoin, C Cottin-Bizonne, R Volk, Physical Review Fluids 6 (1), 014501 (2021)

[53] On the stochastic modeling of Lagrangian velocity and acceleration in turbulent flows
L Chevillard, B Viggiano, J Friedrich, R Volk, M Bourgoin, RB Cal Journal of fluid mechanics, (2020)

[52] Sedimentation of a suspension of paramagnetic particles in an external magnetic field
J Vessaire, N Plihon, R Volk, M Bourgoin Physical Review E 102 (2), 023101 (2020)

[51] Kolmogorovian active turbulence of a sparse assembly of interacting marangoni surfers
M Bourgoin, R Kervil, C Cottin-Bizonne, F Raynal, R Volk, C Ybert Physical Review X 10 (2), 021065 (2020)

[50] Stability of a Liquid Jet Impinging on Confined Saturated Sand
J Vessaire, G Varas, S Joubaud, R Volk, M Bourgoin, V Vidal Physical Review Letters 124 (22), 224502 (2020)

[49] Probing fluid torque with a hydrodynamical trap: Rotation of chiral particles levitating in a turbulent jet
T Barois, PD Huck, C Paleo, M Bourgoin, R Volk Physics of Fluids 31 (12), 125116 (2019)

[48] Diffusiophoresis, Batchelor scale and effective Péclet numbers
F Raynal, R Volk Journal of Fluid Mechanics 876, 818-829 (2019)

[47] Lagrangian acceleration timescales in anisotropic turbulence
PD Huck, N Machicoane, R Volk Physical Review Fluids 4 (6), 064606 (2019)

[46] A simplified and versatile calibration method for multi-camera optical systems in 3D particle imaging
N Machicoane, A Aliseda, R Volk, M Bourgoin Review of Scientific Instruments 90 (3), 035112 (2019)

[45] Recent Developments in Particle Tracking Diagnostics for Turbulence Research
N Machicoane, PD Huck, A Clark, A Aliseda, R Volk, M Bourgoin Flowing Matter, 177-209 (2018)

[44] The role of collective effects on settling velocity enhancement for inertial particles in turbulence
PD Huck, C Bateson, R Volk, A Cartellier, M Bourgoin, A Aliseda Journal of Fluid Mechanics 846, 1059-1075 (2018)

[43] Investigation of the small-scale statistics of turbulence in the Modane S1MA wind tunnel
M Bourgoin et al. CEAS Aeronautical Journal 9 (2), 269-281 (2018)

[42] Phoresis in turbulent flows
V Shukla, R Volk, M Bourgoin, A Pumir New Journal of Physics 19 (12), 123030 (2017)

[41] " Production and dissipation of turbulent fluctuations close to a stagnation point"
Peter D. Huck, Nathanaël Machicoane, and Romain Volk Phys. Rev. Fluids 2, 084601 (2017)

[40] " Estimating two-point statistics from derivatives of a signal containing noise: Application to auto-correlation functions of turbulent Lagrangian tracks"
N. Machicoane, P. D. Huck, and R. Volk, Review of Scientific Instruments 88, 065113 (2017).

[39] "A cost-efficient Shadow Particle Tracking Velocimetry setup suitable for tracking small objects in a large volume"
Peter Huck, Nathanael Machicoane, Romain Volk, Procedia IUTAM 20 (2017).

[38] "Equilibrium position of a rigid sphere in a turbulent jet: A problem of elastic reconfiguration" ,
T. Barois, P. D. Huck, M. Bourgoin, and R. Volk Phys. Rev. E, 2017

[37] " Lagrangian velocity and acceleration correlations of large inertial particles in a closed turbulent flow"
Nathanaël Machicoane and Romain Volk, Physics of Fluids 28, 035113 (2016)

[36] " Stochastic dynamics of particles trapped in turbulent flows"
N. Machicoane, M. López-Caballero, L. Fiabane, J.-F. Pinton, M. Bourgoin, J. Burguete, and R. Volk, Phys. Rev. E 93, 023118. 2016

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[33] " Lagrangian velocity and acceleration correlations of large inertial particles in a closed turbulent flow"
N Machicoane, R Volk, Physics of Fluids, 28 (3), (2016)

[32] "Investigation of the small scale statistics of turbulence in the Modane S1 MA wind-tunnel"
M. Bourgoin et al., Proceedings CAES, 2015

[31] "Path instability on a sphere towed at constant speed"
M Obligado, N Machicoane, A Chouippe, R Volk, M Uhlmann, M Bourgoin Journal of Fluids and Structures 58, 99-108, (2015)

[30] "Chaotic mixing in effective compressible flows"
R. Volk, C. Mauger, M. Bourgoin., C. Cottin-Bizonne, C. Ybert, and F. Raynal. Physical Review E (2014)

[29] "Long-term memory in experiments and numerical simulations of hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic turbulence"
P. Mininni, P. Dmitruk, Ph. Odier, J.-F. Pinton, N. Plihon, G. Verhille, R. Volk, M. Bourgoin. Physical Review Letters.

[28] "Melting dynamics of large ice balls in a turbulent swirling flow"
Nathanael Machicoane, Julien Bonaventure, Romain Volk Physics Of Fluids, (2013).

[27] "Large sphere motions in a non homogeneous turbulent flow"
Nathanael Machicoane, Robert Zimmermann, Lionel Fiabane, Mickael Bourgoin, Jean-François Pinton, Romain Volk New Journal Physics, (2013).

[26] "Lagrangian methods in experimental fluids mechanics"
Mickael Bourgoin, Jean-François Pinton , Romain Volk. Review article for Journal of Geophysical Research, (2013).

[25] "Characterizing flows using a smart particles measuring lagrangian accelerations"
Robert Zimmermann, Yoann Gasteuil, Lionel Fiabane, Romain Volk, Jean-François Pinton.  New Journal Of Physics, (2013).

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Lionel Fiabane, Robert Zimmermann, Romain Volk, Jean-François Pinton. , Mickael Bourgoin; Phys. Rev. E, (2012).

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Robert Zimmermann, Yoann Gasteuil, Lionel Fiabane, Romain Volk, Jean-François Pinton.  Review of scientific instruments, (2013).

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Lionel Fiabane, Romain Volk, Jean-François Pinton. , Romain Monchaux, Alain Cartellier, Mickael Bourgoin. Physica Scripta, (2012).

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Robert Zimmermann, Yoann Gasteuil, Mickael Bourgoin, Romain Volk, Alain Pumir, Jean-François Pinton.  Physical Review Letters, (2011).

[20] "Tracking the dynamics of translation and absolute orientation of a sphere in a turbulent flow"
Robert Zimmermann, Yoann Gasteuil, Mickael Bourgoin, Romain Volk, Alain Pumir, Jean-François Pinton.  soumis à Review of scientific instruments, (2010).

[19] "Impact of trailing wake drag on the statistical properties and dynamics of finite-sized particle in turbulence"
E. Calzavarini, R. Volk, E. L'évêque, J.-F. Pinton, Federico Toschi. soumis à Physica D, (2010).

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R. Volk, E. Calzavarini, E. L'évêque, J.-F. Pinton. JFM, (2010).

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[14] "The VKS experiment: turbulent dynamical dynamos"
VKS collaboration. Physics Of Fluids, (2009)

[13] "Acceleration of heavy and light particles in turbulence: comparison between experiments and direct numerical simulations"
R. Volk, E. Calzavarini, G. Verhille, D. Lohse, N. Mordant, J.-F. Pinton, and F. Toschi. Physica D , (2008)

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VKS collaboration. Physical Review Letters, 101, 074502 (2008).

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[1] "Backward supercontinuum emission from a filament generated by ultrashort laser pulses in air",
J. Yu, D. Mondelain, G. Ange, R. Volk, J.P. Wolf, J. Kasparian, and R. Sauerbrey, Optics Letters B, 26(8), 533-535 (2001).

Thèse (2005) et HDR (2013)

Manuscrit d'HDR : Transport de particules en écoulement turbulent

Manuscrit de Thèse : Fluctuations d'induction en magnétohydrodynamique, contribution à l'induction à grande échelle, application à l'effet dynamo