I am currently a post-doc at the Institut de Mathématiques d’Orsay in the team Topology et dynamics.

Post-doc on the ERC StG project “Artin groups, mapping class groups and Out(Fn): from geometry to operator algebras via measure equivalence” lead by Camille Horbez

My Curriculum Vitæ.


I work in the areas of geometric group theory and measured group theory.
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Accepted and published articles

PhD thesis (2021)

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Recent and future talks

05 June 2024 Operator algebra seminar, Leuven
11 June 2024 Seminar Dynamical systems and geometry, Avignon
July 2024 Mini-course at the conference “Orbit equivalence”, Besse-en-Chandesse
Sept. 2024 Conference Buildings 2024, Münster
Sept. 2024 Conference Probability, Dynamics, and the Geometry of Group, Münster