CLA 2009

Computational Logic and Applications

ENS de Lyon (amphitheater B) June 5-6 2009

a workshop Krakow -- Chambéry-Grenoble-Lyon

supported by MIRA program (Région Rhône-Alpes), project Casimir

Casimir III                    Casimir

Last minute information

Due to a France Turkey football game at stadium de Gerland, the dinner foreseen at Ninkasi brewery will be moved to restaurant  Le Potager des Halles 3 rue de la Martinière, metro Hotel de Ville


Friday June 5

9h Katarzyna Grygiel     Random lambda terms - how they look like and how they behave
9h45  Jakub Kozik Lambda terms counting and leader-switching tours
10h30 Break
11h Antoine Genitrini Quantitative comparison of Intuitionistic and Classical logics -- Full propositional system
11h45 Lunch
14h Pawel Waszkiewicz Q-categories as generalized domains.
14h45 Mateusz Kostanek The limit-colimit coincidence for Q-domain
15h30 Break
16h Jan Jezabek Resource augmentation for buffer management with bounded delay
16h45 Mikolaj Pudo Satisfiability threshold for 2SAT in new model

Saturday June 6

9h Grzegorz Matecki Online chain partitioning problems
9h45 Lech Duraj On-line graph orientation - reachability maximization problem
10h30 Break
11h Barbara Petit A lambda calculus with pattern matching and polymorphism
11h45 Pierre Lescanne Infinite extensive games and escalation


The conference will take place in amphitheater B, 3rd floor of the main building of ENS de Lyon
ENS de Lyon is located between station Debourg and station Stade de Gerland on line B.

map of ENS


Participants will be lodged 
In case of trouble call Pierre Lescanne at +336 85 70 94 31


See the map.

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