Online publications and works

I tried to distribute the documents (.pdf files) into different categories.
Due to copyright restrictions, many of the following texts are slightly different from their final versions.
The differences are minor and not substantial, however.
I also included unpublished material.


Texts on determiners

Tovena, Lucia & Jayez, Jacques (1997)
Any as a Finian quantifier
Proceedings of the 11th Amsterdam Colloquium, 295-300 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques (1998)
Polarity and arbitrariness in French
Handout of a talk given at The Syntax-Semantics Interface, French-American Colloquium
MIT 7 May 1998 [PDF]

Jayez, Jacques & Tovena, Lucia (1998)
The bi-polar any
Handout of a talk given at Negation: Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics
ESRI, Salford, 30 October - 1st November1998 [PDF]
Tovena, Lucia & Jayez, Jacques (1999)
Déterminants et irréférence. L'exemple de tout
Référence nominale et temporelle
Jacques Moeschler and Marie-José Reichler-Béguelin (Eds.)
Berne, Peter Lang,35-268 [PDF]

Tovena Lucia & Jayez, J. (1999)
Any: from scalarity to arbitrariness
Empirical Issues in Formal Syntax and Semantics 2
F. Corblin, C.Dobrovie-Sorin and J.-M. Marandin (Eds.)
La Haye, Thesus, 39-57 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques (1999)
Any: entre formel et conceptuel
Handout of a talk given at the RSP colloquium in Orléans, 8-10 May 1999 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Tovena, Lucia (2000)
Free-Choiceness as Non-Locality Specification
Handout of a talk given at Preferably Non-Lexical Semantics Paris Conference
University of Paris 7, 30-31 May 2000 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Tovena, Lucia (2002)
Determiners and uncertainty
Proceedings of SALT XII
Brendan Jackson (ed.)
Ithaca, NY, CLC Publications [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Tovena, Lucia (2003)
Any and eventualities
Proceedings of the 14th Amsterdam Colloquium
P. Dekker and R. van Rooy (Eds.), 151-156 [PDF], handout [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Tovena, Lucia (2005)
Free-choiceness and Non Individuation
Linguistics and Philosophy 28, 1-71 [PDF], [PDF-2up]
Jayez, Jacques & Tovena, Lucia (2004)
Tout as a genuine free choice item
Handbook of French Semantics
F. Corblin & H. de Swart (Eds.), Stanford, CSLI, 71-81 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques (2005)
Combien est-on à plusieurs? / How many are several?
Handout of a talk given at Indefinites and Weak Quantifiers, Bruxelles, 6-8 January 2005 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques (2006)
How many are 'several'?
Belgian Journal of Linguistics 19, 187-209 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Tovena, Lucia (2005)
When widening is too narrow
Proceedings of the 15th Amsterdam Colloquium
Paul Dekker and Michael Franke (Eds.), 131-136 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Tovena, Lucia (2006)
Epistemic determiners
Journal of Semantics 23, 217-250 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Tovena, Lucia (2007)
Subtrigging as alternatives through regularities
Proceedings of the 16th Amsterdam Colloquium
Maria Aloni, Paul Dekker and Floris Roelofsen (Eds.), 127-132 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Tovena, Lucia (2007)
Evidentiality and Determination
Proceedings of SuB12, Oslo: ILOS 2008
Atle Grønn (ed.) [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Tovena, Lucia (2010)
Quatre problèmes pour le choix libre
Langue Française 166, 51-72 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Tovena, Lucia (2011)
The meaning and (a bit of) history of quelque
French Determiners In and Across Time
Lucia Tovena (ed.), London, College Publications [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Tovena, Lucia (2012)
Scenarios of equivalence: The case of quelque
Different Kinds of Specificity Across Languages
Cornelia Ebert and Stefan Hinterwimmer (Eds.), Berlin, Springer, 177-207. [PDF]

Texts on aspect

Jayez, Jacques (1996)
Référence et aspectualité. Le problème des verbes dits «aspectuels»
Cahiers de Linguistique Française 18, 275-298.[PDF]
Jayez, Jacques (1998)
DRT et imparfait. Un exemple de traitement formel du temps Le temps des événements
J. Moeschler et al., Paris, Kimé, chapter 6, 123-154 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques (1999)
Imperfectivity and progressivity : the French imparfait
Proceedings of SALT IX.
T. Matthews & D. Strolovitch (Eds.)
Ithaca, NY, CLC Publications, 145-162 [PDF] [handout en PDF]
Jayez, Jacques (2004)
Le problème de Mittwoch
Handout of a talk given at EHESS, 27 November 2004 [PDF]

Texts on discourse

Jayez, Jacques & Rossari, Corinne (1997)
Connecteurs de conséquence et portée sémantique
Cahiers de Linguistique Française 19, 233-266 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques (1998)
A proof-theoretic non-scalar account of scalar inferences
Handout of a talk given at Preferably Non-Lexical Semantics Paris Conference
University Paris 7, 28-30 May 1998 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Rossari, Corinne (1998)
Discourse relations vs discourse marker relations
ACL'98 Workshop on Discourse Relations and Discourse Markers, 72-78 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Rossari, Corinne (1999)
Pragmatic connectives as predicates. The case of inferential connectives
Predicative Forms in Natural Language and in Lexical Knowledge Bases
P. Saint-Dizier (ed.)
Dordrecht, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 285-319 [PDF]
Rossari, Corinne & Jayez, Jacques (1999)
Par exemple : une procédure d'exemplification par la preuve
To appear in the proceedings of the Metz colloquium Ordre et distinction dans le discours (March 1999) [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Rossari, Corinne (1999)
A dynamic approach to the discourse level sensitivity of discourse markers
Levels of Representation in Discourse (LORID'99)
Edimburgh University, 5-7 July 1999, 95-100 [PDF] [handout PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Rossari, Corinne (1999)
When anaphoric and logical discourse markers meet accommodation
Handout of a talk given at CSSP'99, University Paris 7, October 1999 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Rossari, Corinne (2000)
The semantics of pragmatic connectives. The French donc example
Tree Adjoining Grammars: Formalism, Implementation, and Linguistic Analysis
A. Abeillé & O. Rambow (Eds.)
Stanford, CSLI, 249-269 [PDF]
Rossari, Corinne & Jayez, Jacques (2000)
Du coup et les connecteurs de conséquence dans une perspective dynamique
Linguisticae Investigationes 23, 303-326 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques (2000)
The ‘unexpectedness’ of du coup
Handout of a talk given at Discourse Particles, Bruxelles, 7-8 December 2000 [PDF
Jayez, Jacques & Rossari, Corinne (2001)
The discourse level sensitivity of consequence discourse markers in French
Cognitive Linguistics 12, 275-290 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques (2002)
Les impliquestions
Les facettes du dire. Hommage à Oswald Ducrot
M. Carel (dir.), Paris, Kimé, 141-156 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques (2003)
Modal attachment for discourse markers
Questions empiriques et formalisation en syntaxe et sémantique
C. Beyssade et al. (Eds.), Paris, Presses Universitaires de Paris-Sorbonne, 309-327 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques (2004)
Presuppositions and pedigrees for discourse markers
Empirical Issues in Syntax and Semantics 5
O. Bonami & P. Cabrero Hoffherr (Eds.), 89-110 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques (2004)
«Bon». Le mot de la fin
Handout of a talk given at Geneva, 23 March 2004 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques (2004)
L'approche logique du point de vue
Handout of a talk given at Grenoble, 27 April 2004 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques (2004)
Talk given at the workshop Implicatures and Presuppositions, ENS Ulm, 4-5 October 2004 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Rossari, Corinne (2004)
Parentheticals as conventional implicatures
Handbook of French Semantics
F. Corblin & H. de Swart (Eds.), Stanford, CSLI, 211-229 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Masson, Anne (2006)
What room for viewpoints?
Empirical Issues in Syntax and Semantics 6
O. Bonami & P. Cabrero Hoffherr (Eds.), 175-199 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques (2006)
Une sémantique dynamique des implicatures conventionnelles et des présuppositions
Talk given at Université de Genève and ENS-LSH (Lyon) [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Lucia Tovena (2008)
Presque and almost : how argumentation derives from comparative meaning
Empirical Issues in Syntax and Semantics 7
O. Bonami & P. Cabredo Hofherr (Eds..), 217-240 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Mathilde Dargnat (2009)
One More Step and You'll get Pseudo-Imperatives Right
Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 13, University of Stuttgart, 2009
Arndt Riester & Torgrim Solstad (Eds..), 247-260 [PDF]

Jayez, Jacques (2010)
Projective meaning and attachment
Logic, Language and Meaning.
Revised Selected Papers of the 17th Amsterdam Colloquium, Amsterdam 2009
Maria Aloni, Harald Bastiaanse, Tikitu de Jager & Katrin Schulz (Eds..), LNAI 6042, Springer, 325-334. [PDF]

Jayez, Jacques & Mathilde Dargnat (2011)
Discourse ‘Major Continuatives’ in a Non-Monotonic Framework
Actes d’IDP 2009
Yoo, H-Y & Delais-Roussarie, (Eds..), 223-238 [PDF] or here

Jayez, Jacques (2011)
Projection and probability
Talk delivered at the ESSLLI 2011 Workshop on Projective Meaning, Ljubljana
Craige Roberts and Judith Tonhaüser, organisers

Jayez, Jacques & Bob van Tiel (2011)
Is only special? Communication à Euro-Xprag 2011, Pise [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Bob van Tiel (2012) Only only? An experimental window on exclusiveness.
Logic, Language and Meaning
Revised Selected Papers of the 18th Amsterdam Colloquium, Amsterdam 2011
Maria Aloni, Vadim Kimmelman, Floris Roelofsen, Galit W. Sassoon, Katrin Schulz and Matthijs Westera (Eds..), LNCS 7218, Springer, 391-400 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques & Mathilde Dargnat (2012)
The semantics of French continuative rises in SDRT
Constraints in Discourse 3. Representing and Inferring Discourse Structure
Anton Benz, Manfred Stede & Peter Kühnlein (Eds..), Benjamins, forthcoming 109-135 [PDF]

Jayez, Jacques & Grégoire Winterstein (2013)
Additivity and probability.
Lingua 132, 85-102 [PDF]
Jayez, Jacques and Valeria Mongelli (2013)
How hard are 'hard' triggers?
Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 2012
Emmanuel Chemla, Vincent Homer & Grégoire Winterstein (Eds.)
Proceedings, 307-324 or text

Jayez, Jacques, Valeria Mongelli, Anne Reboul & Jean-Baptiste van der Henst (2014)
Weak and strong triggers.
Experimental Perspectives on Presuppositions
Florian Schwarz (Ed.)
Springer Studies in Theoretical Psycholinguistics Series, 173-193 [PDF]

Jayez, Jacques (2014)
A note on presuppositions, discourse attachment and relevance
Collection of Papers Dedicated to Jacques Moeschler
J. Blochowiak, C. Grisot, S. Durrlemann-Tame & C. Laenzlinger (Eds.)[PDF]

Jayez, Jacques (2015)
Orthogonality and Presuppositions. A Bayesian Perspective

Bayesian Natural Language Semantics and Pragmatics, Language, Cognition, and Mind 2,
H. Zeevat and H.-C. Schmitz (Eds.),
Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 145-178  [PDF]

Texts on lexical typing

Godard, Danièle & Jayez, Jacques(1993)
Towards a proper treatment of coercion phenomena
6th EACL, 168-177 [PDF]

Godard, Danièle & Jayez, Jacques (1994)
Types nominaux et anaphores : le cas des objets et des événements
Anaphores temporelles et (in-)cohérence
W. de Mulder, L. Tasmowski-De Ryck & C. Vetters (Eds.), Amsterdam, Rodopi
Cahiers Chronos 1, 41-58 [PDF]

Jayez, Jacques & Godard, Danièle (1995)
Principles as lexical Methods
AAAI Spring Symposium on Representation and Acquisition of Lexical Knowledge, Stanford, 27-29 March 1995, 57-68 [PDF]

Jayez, Jacques (1999)
Underspecification, context selection and generativity
The Language of Word Meaning
P. Bouillon and F. Busa (Eds.), Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 124-148 [PDF]

Godard, Danièle & Jayez, Jacques (1999)
Quels sont les faits?
L'emprise du sens. Mélanges de syntaxe et de sémantique offerts à Andrée Borillo
M. Plénat. et al. (Eds.), Amsterdam, Rodopi, 117-136 [PDF]

Jayez, Jacques & Godard, Danièle (1999)
True to fact(s)
Proceedings of the 12th Amsterdam Colloquium
P. Dekker (ed.), 151-156 [PDF], handout [PDF]

Jayez, Jacques (2000)
Objects of attitudes
1st International Workshop on Generative Approaches to the Lexicon, Geneva, 27-29 avril 2001 [PDF]

Jayez, Jacques & Mari, Alda (2005)
Proceedings of SuB9
Emar Maier, Corien Bary, and Janneke Huitink (Eds.), 155-169 [PDF]

Jayez, Jacques (2008)
Quel rôle pour les facettes? Langages 172, 53-68 [PDF]