Fixed Points in Computer Science 2023 (February 17, 2023)

The 11th International Workshop on Fixed Points in Computer Science will take place in Warsaw on 17 February 2023 as a satellite of the International Conference CSL 2023 (Computer Science Logic).


Friday February 17, 2023
9:00 Welcome
9:10 Session 1.
9:10 Dana Scott Seventy Years Using Fixed Points (invited talk)
Video available
10:00 Damian Niwinski, Paweł Parys and Michał Skrzypczak Computing Measure of MSO-Definable Sets of Infinite Trees (contributed talk)
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Session 2.
11:00 Guillermo Menéndez Turata On conjunctive formulas and uniform interpolants in mu-calculus (contributed talk)
11:30 Gianluca Curzi and Anupam Das On the computational expressivity of (circular) proofs with fixed points (contributed talk)
12:00 Lide Grotenhuis Ill-founded proofs for intuitionistic temporal logic (contributed talk)
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Session 3.
14:00 Graham Leigh Demystifying µ (invited talk)
14:50 Luigi Santocanale Constructiveness and Rasiowa-Sikorski for the modal $\mu$-calculus (contributed talk)
15:10 Jonathan Sterling, Daniel Gratzer and Lars Birkedal Denotational semantics of general store and polymorphism (contributed talk)
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Session 4.
16:00 Jade Master, Ezra Schoen and Clemens Kupke Beyond Initial Algebras and Final Coalgebras (contributed talk)
16:30 Zeinab Galal Bidimensional fixpoint operators (contributed talk)
17:00 Reijo Jaakkola First-order logic with game-theoretic recursion (contributed talk)
17:30 Matteo Manighetti and Dale Miller Peano Arithmetic and muMALL (an abstract) (contributed talk)

Invited speakers

Practical matters

Registration is handled by the CSL conference organizers, and is available on the webpage of CSL 2023.

An effort will be made to enable online participation for those who cannot attend in person.

Abstracts presenting your communication should be sent via
Submissions should be from 1 to 3 pages long, excluding bibliography.
The goal being to present work to the community, there is no exclusivity constraint: the work can be published or submitted elsewhere, or can be work in progress.

Important dates
Submission deadline: 06/01/2023 AoE
Notification: 27/01/2023
Workshop: 17/02/2023

General description

The goal is to bring together people from different subfields such as algebra/coalgebra, verification, logic, around the thematic of fixed points.
Fixed points play a fundamental role in several areas of computer science. They are used to justify (co)recursive definitions and associated reasoning techniques. The construction and properties of fixed points have been investigated in many different settings such as: design and implementation of programming languages, logics, verification, databases. Topics include, but are not restricted to:

Program committee

Steering committee of the FICS workshop series

FICS history

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