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  • (with Alberto Abbondandolo) The monotonicity of the systole of convex Riemannian two-spheres
    appendix of the paper Relative Hofer–Zehnder capacity and positive symplectic homology by Gabriele Benedetti and Jungsoo Kang
    to appear in Journal of Fixed Point Theory and Applications (Claude Viterbo's 60th birthday volume)
  • (with Stefan Suhr) A min-max characterization of Zoll Riemannian metrics
    to appear in Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
  • (with Viktor L. Ginzburg and Başak Z. Gürel) On the spectral characterization of Besse and Zoll Reeb flows
    Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré C, Analyse Non Linéaire 38 (2021), no. 3, 549-576
  • (with Colin Guillarmou and Leo Tzou) Boundary and lens rigidity for non-convex manifolds
    American Journal of Mathematics 143 (2021), no. 2, 533-575
  • (with Daniel Cristofaro-Gardiner) The action spectrum characterizes closed contact 3-manifolds all of whose Reeb orbits are closed
    Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici 95 (2020), no. 3, 461-481.
  • (with Luca Asselle) Waist theorems for Tonelli systems in higher dimensions
    Manuscripta Mathematica 163 (2020), no. 1-2, 185-199
  • (with Luca Asselle and Gabriele Benedetti) Minimal boundaries in Tonelli Lagrangian systems
    to appear in International Mathematics Research Notices
  • (with Luca Asselle) On Tonelli periodic orbits with low energy on surfaces
    Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 371 (2019), no. 5, 3001-3048
  • (with Stefan Suhr) A characterization of Zoll Riemannian metrics on the 2-sphere
    Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society 50 (2018), 997-1006
    doi corrigendum
  • (with Luca Asselle) Closed geodesics with local homology in maximal degree on non-compact manifolds
    Differential Geometry and its Applications 58 (2018), 17-51
    doi corrigendum
  • (with Colin Guillarmou) Marked boundary rigidity for surfaces
    Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems 38 (2018), no. 4, 1459-1478
  • (with Leonardo Macarini) Isometry-invariant geodesics and the fundamental group, II
    Advances in Mathematics 308 (2017), 671-698
  • (with A. Abbondandolo, L. Asselle, G. Benedetti, and I. A. Taimanov) The multiplicity problem for periodic orbits of magnetic flows on the 2-sphere
    Advanced Nonlinear Studies 17 (2017), no. 1, 17-30
  • (with Luca Asselle) On the existence of infinitely many closed geodesics on non-compact manifolds
    Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 145 (2017), no. 6, 2689-2697
  • (with A. Abbondandolo, L. Macarini, and G. P. Paternain) Infinitely many periodic orbits of exact magnetic flows on surfaces for almost every subcritical energy level
    Journal of the European Mathematical Society 19 (2017), no. 2, 551-579
  • The Morse index of Chaperon's generating families
    Publicaciones Matemáticas del Uruguay 16 (2016), 81-125
  • (with Alfonso Sorrentino) Remarks on the symplectic invariance of Aubry-Mather sets
    Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences de Paris - Séries I 354 (2016), no. 4, 419-423
  • Isometry-invariant geodesics and the fundamental group
    Mathematische Annalen 362 (2015), no. 1-2, 265-280
  • On the multiplicity of isometry-invariant geodesics on product manifolds
    Algebraic & Geometric Topology 14 (2014), 135-156
  • Symplectically degenerate maxima via generating functions
    Mathematische Zeitschrift 275 (2013), no. 3-4, 715-739
  • On the multiplicity of non-iterated periodic billiard trajectories
    Pacific Journal of Mathematics 252 (2011), no. 1, 181-205
  • (with Peter Albers) Periodic bounce orbits of prescribed energy
    International Mathematics Research Notices 2011, no. 14, 3289-3314
  • The Lagrangian Conley conjecture
    Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici 86 (2011), no. 1, 189-246
  • (with Alessandra Cherubini) On the Decidability of the Word Problem for Amalgamated Free Products of Inverse Semigroups
    Semigroup Forum 76 (2008), no. 2, 309-329


  • Critical point theory for Lagrangian systems
    Progress in Mathematics, vol. 293, Birkhäuser
    doi corrigendum


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Marco Mazzucchelli, UMPA, ENS de Lyon, 46 allée d'Italie, 69364 Lyon, France