1st ACDA Workshop in Aussois

Aussois, French Alps, September 5--9, 2022.


The workshop will take place from Monday, the 5th September 2022 to Friday, the 9th September 2022 (until noon), in CAES-CNRS Centre Paul Langevin, in Aussois in the French Alps. Arrivals are on Sunday and departures on Friday. The workshop is by invitation only and is a community building effort by SIAM ACDA.

We are particularly excited about organizing an in-person. During the seminar, the participants will exchange new ideas and results and discuss new developments.

How to reach?

By train+taxi: Modane's train station (a tiny one) is about 8km (~5miles) from Aussois. Taxis are available at the train station.
Local transport from Modane to Aussois: Modane train station is around 6 hours from CDG-Paris Airport; 4.5 hours from Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport (there are a few direct trains taking 2.5 hours); 3.5 hours from Geneva's Airport, Switzerland; 1.5 hour from the city center of Torino, Italy; 2 hours from Milano Centrale train station;

Organizing Committee


Book of abstracts available (pdf).

19:45--onwardsDinner [Cold plates] 
09:45--10:00Welcome talk [Salle Parrache]Aydın, Bora, Michael
Technical session Chair: Michael Bender
10:30--10:50ACDA presentation (slides)Ales Pothen & Cindy Philips
10:55--11:15Recent advances and challenges in algebraic programming and hypergraph applications (slides)Albert-Jan Yzelman
11:20--11:40Coupe: a mesh partitionerCedric Chevalier
Technical session Chair: Aydın Buluç
18:00--18:20ML Accelerator Hardware: A Model for Parallel Sparse Computations? (slides)Johannes Langguth
18:25--18:45Algorithmic Tools for Congressional Districting: Fairness via AnalyticsDavid Shmoys
18:50--19:10Sparse matrices in biology and machine learning (slides)Aydın Buluç
08:40--08:45AnnouncementsAydın, Bora, Michael
Technical session Chair: Bora Uçar
08:50--09:10PaCHash: Packed and Compressed Hash Tables slides)Florian Kurpicz
09:15--09:35Online List Labeling: Breaking the log^2(n) Barrier (slides)Hanna Komlos
09:40--10:00Vector quotient filterPrashant Pandey
Technical session Chair: Kathrin Hanauer
10:25--10:45Optimizing Dynamic Graph Processing with the Locality-First Strategy (slides)Helen Xu
10:50--11:10Parallel batch-dynamic algorithm for approximate k-core decomposition (slides)Julian Shun
11:15--11:35Theoretically and Practically Efficient Parallel Nucleus Decomposition (slides)Jessica Shi
11:40--12:00Dynamic Graph Connectivity: To Infinity And BeyondDavid Tench
17:15--17:35Community sessionHost: Blair Sullivan
Technical session Chair: Cindy Philips
17:40--18:00Faster Greedy Optimization of Resistance-based Graph Robustness (slides)Henning Meyerhenke
18:05--18:25Inferring Tie Strength in Temporal NetworksLutz Oettershagen
18:30--18:50Matching on the line admits no $o(\sqrt{\log n})$-competitive algorithmMichele Scquizzato
18:55--19:15Greedily Growing a Maximal Independent Set to Approximate Vertex Cover (slides)Nathan Veldt
19:20--19:35On spline surrogate models and reformulation techniques for MINLPs with separable non-convexities Vanesa Guerrero and Claudia D'Ambrosio
Technical session Chair: Olivier Beaumont
17:40--18:00SplinterDB + Maplets: Improving the Trade-offs in Key-Value Store Compaction PolicyAlex Conway
18:05--18:25Write-optimized algorithms for cybersecurity stream monitoringCindy Phillips
18:30--18:50Towards Accelerating AI using Fast and Feasible Matrix MultiplicationOded Schwartz
18:55--19:15To catch a thief (the blockchain edition) (slides)Seth Gilbert
08:40--08:45AnnouncementsAydın, Bora, Michael
Technical session Chair: Sivan Toledo
08:50--09:10Graph Partitioning and Randomized Linear Algebra (slides)Erik Boman
09:15--09:35Data Distribution for Symmetric Linear Algebra Kernels (slides)Lionel Eyraud-Dubois
09:40--10:00Online Parallel Paging and Green Paging (slides)Michael Bender
Technical session Chair: Alex Pothen
10:30--10:50Memory optimization for training in DNNs (slides)Olivier Beaumont
10:55--11:15Smoothing Discontinuous Concatenated Functions (slides)Sebastian Christodoulou
11:20--11:40Combinatorial problems in sparse matrix and sparse tensor applications (slides)Sherry Li
Technical session Chair: John Gilbert
17:30--17:50Combinatorial Problems and Algorithms in Robust Estimation (slides)Sivan Toledo
17:55--18:15Density-Driven Path Metrics: Graphs, Manifolds, and Data (slides)James Murphy
18:20--18:40Efficient Algorithms via Inexact Linear Solvers and Randomized SamplingEdgar Solomonik
18:45--19:05Matrix anti-concentration inequalities with applicationsZipei Nie
19:10--19:30Disjoint weighted matchings for reconfigurable optical datacenter technologiesKathrin Hanauer
09:10--09:50Closing sessionBlair, Bora, Cindy, Henning

List of participants