Stéphan Thomassé

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  • Publications : Mainly in Algorithms, Graphs, Discrete Geometry, and Combinatorial Optimization.
    1. Edge-partitioning 3-edge-connected graphs into paths. With T. Klimošová, submitted.
    2. Quasi-polynomial time approximation schemes for the Maximum Weight Independent Set Problem in H-free graphs. With M. Chudnovsky, M. Pilipczuk and M. Pilipczuk, submitted.
    3. Convexly independent subsets of Minkowski sums of convex polygons. With M. Skomra, submitted.
    4. On the Maximum Weight Independent Set Problem in graphs without induced cycles of length at least five . With M. Chudnovsky, M. Pilipczuk and M. Pilipczuk, submitted.
    5. Edge-decomposing graphs into coprime forests. With T. Klimošová, submitted.
    6. Disproving the normal graph conjecture. With A. Harutyunyan and L. Pastor, to appear.
    7. Graphs with large chromatic number induce 3k-cycles. With M. Bonamy and P. Charbit, to appear.
    8. Edge growth in graph cubes. With M. DeVos, submitted.
    9. Coloring dense graphs via VC-dimension. With T. Łuczak, submitted.
    10. Dense triangle-free graphs are four colorable: A solution to the Erdős-Simonovits problem. With S. Brandt, to appear.
    11. The independent set problem is FPT for even-hole-free graphs. With E. Husić and N. Trotignon, IPEC 2019.
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