I am a CNRS researcher at LIP, ENS Lyon, Plume team.

I defended my PhD in December 2012, after 3 years at LIAFA (Paris), under the direction of Thomas Colcombet.

Some research interests: automata theory, synthesis, verification, quantitative extensions, games, logics, decidability procedures, complexity.

Event :
I am co-organizer of the workshop Topology and Languages in Toulouse, 22-24 June 2016.

Email: denis.kuperberg [at]

Curriculum Vitae: in English, in French



My thesis is entitled "Study of classes of regular cost functions", and explores a new quantitative extension of the theory of regular languages.
Here is my PHD manuscript (in french).

If the thesis is too long or if you don't speak french, here is a short summary (20 pages) in english, and the slides of the defense, also in english.

Conference Papers:

A list of my publications is also available on DBLP.

Journal Papers:



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Fall Semester 2016

ENS Lyon Master 2 course with Colin Riba and Matteo Mio: Monadic Second Order Logic, Automata, Expressivity and Decidability

During the PhD

I was an assistant teacher during 3 years in the department of computer science of Université Paris Diderot.

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Here are short articles and slides I wrote for popularisation of mathematics: